7.3m RX dish antenna to sell

Where to buy 7.3m RX antenna featured as competitive price and high-qualified performance. Please don't miss the best supplier, and refer to the detailed information of 7.3m Rx antenna as following.

General for 7.3m Rx antenna

Adopt Paraboloid type; 7.3m Rx antenna has the features of superior gain and excellent radiation pattern, as well as small Voltage Standing Wave Ratio. 16 single aluminum petals constitute of one stable dish reflector. While the stable dish reflector is made of aluminum plate and stretch-formed ribs which is riveted on the mould. The main parts of 7.3m Rx antenna is dish reflector, kingpost pedestal, sub-reflector and feed network.

7.3m Rx antenna Characteristic

Hot-spraying treatment for the steel structure petals

Ability with anti-corrosion and strong stability

Do testing for feed before delivery the goods

Good packages to assure easy and lower price transportation cost.

Datasheet for 7.3m Rx antenna

RF performance for 7.3m Rx antenna
Band range C Ku
3.4-4.2GHz 10.95-12.75GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1.25:1 1.3:1
Insertion Loss 0.25dB 0.3dB
Isolation More than 35dB
Interface type WR229 WR75
Beam Width: –3dB 0.701° 0.235°
Sidelobe Envelope 32-25lgθ 1°≤θ≤ 20° 29-25lgθ 1°≤θ≤ 20°
Pattern (First Sidelobe ) ≤-14dB
Receive Gain 47.40dB 56.89dB
Temperature (Noise) 43°K at 10° 64°K at 10°
Mechanical Performance for 7.3m Rx antenna
Antenna Optics Dual reflector Ring focus antenna
El Rotation coverage 0°to 90° (continuous)
Az Rotation coverage ±85°(3 parts)
Wind Loading Operational: 45m per hour 72km per hour operational

60m per hour 97km per hour operational

Survival : 125m per hour 200km per hour

Temperature -45°C ~50°C
Relative Humidity 100%
Seismic(survival) 0.3G’s H 0.15 G’s V


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