3.0m RX dish antenna to sell

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General for 3.0m Rx antenna

3.0m Rx antenna dopt Paraboloid type and is a kind of TVRO antenna for most demanding applications. Elevation over Azimuth mount is designed by a heavy-gauge steel, this kind of structure not only make the whole dish reflector as a reliable support, but also can bear the weight of the whole dish. The antenna surface adopts hot-spray treatment, which is aim for doing the environmental protection.

3.0m Rx antenna Characteristic

Hot-spraying treatment for the steel structure petals

Ability with anti-corrosion and strong stability

Heavy-duty galvanized Az/El mount

Pre-assembled mount before leaving factory

Good packages to assure convenient and lower price transportation cost.

Datasheet for 3.0m Rx antenna

RF performance for 3.0m Rx antenna
Band range C Ku
3.4-4.2GHz 10.95-12.75GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1.3:1
Insertion Loss 0.25dB 0.3dB
Isolation More than 35dB
Interface type WR229 WR75
Beam Width: –3dB 1.77° 0.597°
Sidelobe Envelope 52-10lg(D/λ)-25lgθ 2°≤θ≤ 20° 32-25lgθ 2°≤θ≤ 20°
Pattern (First Sidelobe ) ≤-14dB
Receive Gain 39.32dB 48.78dB
Temperature (Noise) 33°K at 10° 47°K at 10°
Mechanical Performance for 3.0m Rx antenna
Antenna Optics Feed-front Prime focus antenna
El Rotation coverage 0°to 90° (continuous)
Az Rotation coverage 0°to 360°
Wind Loading Operational: 45m per hour 72km per hour operational

60m per hour 97km per hour operational

Survival : 125m per hour 200km per hour

Temperature -45°C ~50°C
Relative Humidity 100%
Seismic(survival) 0.3G’s H 0.15 G’s V


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