11m RX dish antenna to sell

Where to buy 11m RX antenna featured as competitive price and exceptional pattern drawing, as well as reliable engineer support. Please obtain these opportunities to contact best supplier, and have a reference for the below detailed information with 11m rx antennas.

General for 11m Rx antenna

11m antenna adopt cassegrain type and has a wide range of application, such as broadcasting, cable TV& Radio, Corporate business, government and military, as well as educational institutions. 11m rx only antenna has a rugged aluminum and steel construction with 3 year warranty on the structural components. RF performance meets the standard EUTELSAT, INTELSAT, FCC regulation 25-209 and CCIR580. 11M antennas can provide maximum durability with mini maintenance.

11m Rx antenna Characteristic

Hot-dipped galvanized steel structure panels

Ability with anti-corrosion and strong stability

Do testing for feed before delivery the goods

Good packages to assure easy and lower price transportation cost.

Datasheet for 11m Rx antenna

RF performance for 11m Rx antenna
Aperture C-BAND Ku-BAND
Band range 3.4-4.2GHz 10.95-12.75GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1.25:1 1.3:1
Insertion Loss 0.25dB 0.3dB
Isolation 35dB
Interface Type WR229 WR75
-3dB Beamwidth 0.465° 0.156°
Sidelobes Envelope 29-25lgθ 1°≤θ≤ 20°
First Sidelobe ≤-14dB
Receive Midband Gain 50.96dB 60.45dB
Noise Temperature 44°K at 10° 68°K at 10°
Antenna Optics Cassegrain antenna
El Adjustment range 0°to 90° (continuous)
Az Adjustment range ±85°(3 parts)
Wind Loading Operational: 45mph 72kmph operational

60mph 97kmph operational

Survival : 125mph 200kmph

Temperature -45°C ~50°C
Relative Humidity 100%
Earthquake 0.3G’s horizontal 0.15 G’s vertical




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