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3m receive-only antenna for sale

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3m receive-only antenna Description

Our receive only antenna of 3.0m diameter consists of antenna reflector, pedestal support and feed system. This kind of parabolic antenna is feed forward type which applies to receive C-band and Ku-band satellite television signal with its LNB and satellite television receiver.

3m receive-only antenna Technical Specifications

3m receive-only antenna ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATION
Antenna C-BAND Ku-BAND
Frequency 3625-4.2GHz 10.95-12.75GHz
VSWR ≤1.30 ≤1.25
Sidelobe First Sidelobe  ≤-14dB
Envelop P90% ≤ 52 - 10lgθ(D/Δ) - 25lgθ
Feed Interface CPR229 WR75
-3dB Beamwidth 1.7° 0.6°
Polarization Linear

(circular as option)


(circular as option)

Noise Temperature 44°K@20°El 45°K@20°El


>23dB on axis


>30dB on axis


Midband Gain 39.3dB 49.4dB
3m receive-only antenna MECHANICAL SPECIFICATION
Diameter 3m
Surface Tolerance 0.4mm(r.m.s.)
Azimuth Adjustment 360°
Elevation Adjustment 0°to 90° (continuous)
Paint Color White
Antenna Optics Cassegrain prime focus antenna
Reflector material Aluminum
Re-installation 0.5mm(r.m.s.)
Mount Type Elevation over Azimuth

Antesky is a professional receive-only antenna manufacturer, which was established in 1985

under the support of Chinese governmental research institutions. At previous time, we mainly customized antennas for Chinese aerospace and military application. From the year 2008, we began to produce civilian antennas. However, Antesky manufactures civilian antennas according to military standard all the time, so the antenna quality is with high reputation in the world. Antesky can provide antennas from 3m diameter to 50m diameter, including vsat antenna, Large Satellite Dish, TVRO Antenna, Flyaway Antenna and Marine TV Antenna etc.

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