4.5m RX dish antenna to sell

Where to buy 4.5 m RX antenna matching with competitive prices, the highest quality and superb engineering support. Please do not loose this change to communicate with the best suppliers, and get more information as following.

Description for 4.5m Rx antenna

4.5m Rx antenna a kind of TVRO antenna for most demanding applications, such as broadcasting, cable TV& Radio, Corporate business, government and military, as well as educational institutions. The 4.5 meter rx anenna consists of 12pcs of stretch-formed contoured panels, and matching with backup structure. This kind of reliable structure approach has no requirements for field alignment, make the antenna installation work easier and save a lot of time. Therefore, this kind of 4.5m Rx antennas is welcome for most of the users.

4.5m Rx antenna Characteristic

High accuracy prime focus reflector

Anti-corrosion and reliable structure

Hot-dipped galvanized pedestal with Az/El mount

Pre-assembled whole antenna testing before the goods leaves from the factory

Reliable packages to guarantee convenient and lower shipping cost.

Datasheet for 4.5m Rx antenna

RF performance for 4.5m Rx antenna
Band range C Ku
3.4-4.2GHz 10.95-12.75GHz
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio 1.25:1 1.3:1
Insertion Loss 0.25dB 0.3dB
Isolation More than 35dB
Interface type WR229 WR75
Beam Width: –3dB 1.137° 0.381°
Sidelobe Envelope 32-25lgθ 1°≤θ≤ 20° 29-25lgθ 1°≤θ≤ 20°
Pattern (First Sidelobe ) ≤-14dB
Receive Midband Gain 43.10dB 52.7dB
Temperature (Noise) 35°K at 10° 52°K at 10°
Mechanical Performance for 4.5m Rx antenna
Antenna Optics Prime focus, Axisymmetric
El Rotation coverage 0°to 90° (continuous)
Az Rotation coverage 0°to 360°
Wind Loading Operational: 45m per hour 72km per hour operational60m per hour 97km per hour operational

Survival : 125m per hour 200km per hour

Temperature -45°C ~50°C
Relative Humidity 100%
Seismic(survival) 0.3G’s H 0.15 G’s V


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